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Estate Planning

In our recent survey of clients the most requested topic for additional education was "estate planning."  Often the idea of getting your legal stuff organized and updated with a document(s) seems to be normal approach for many. While the basic documents of will, healthcare directives, power of attorney and living will are essential docs there is a lot more to the planning process. We invite your questions and more importantly the conversation around your values and your objectives. One of my friend's describes a successful estate plan as one where the family members all still love each other 1 year after you died.  Check out the video's below for some ideas that will likely spring some great questions.

What To Do When
Loved One Is Terminal

Will & Guardianship

5 Legacy

Serving As Family

Death of Family
Member Checklist

Life Insurance
Trust ILIT

Legal Revocable
Trust Explained

What Overrules Wills
and Trust?

How You Might Leave
Your Estate In Conflict

Estate Planning Basics Webinar Recorded

Fire Drill or Life Boat Drill

Everything Trusts Webinar Recorded

Your Charitable Planning Options