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Biblical Finance

Three considerations about hiring a prospective financial advisor after establishing competence and professionalism.

God’s Words says, “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord direct his steps” (Proverbs 16:9 NASB). Additionally it says that ”The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Psalms 111:10a NASB).

Second, you should desire you advisor to have a worldview or perspective that is eternal in nature and, consequently, to help you actually be a steward of God’s resources that He has placed in your hands to manage. If your advisor is not capable of asking the right questions, you can never get the right answers.

Third, you should desire your advisor to be a believer in Jesus Christ and, therefore be undergoing constant transformation by the Holy Spirit in becoming more Christ-like in character. As such, you should desire to be able to hold your advisor to a higher standard of character and integrity.

Below are several videos I have produced regarding money and possessions and biblical worldview. Love to hear what you think of these and trust they will prompt you with questions and comments.

7 Timeless

Caring For
Aging Parents

Biblical Financial
Wisdom Interview

God’s Math A Personal
Abundance Story

Four H Financial


Human Flourishing Andy Crouch 

Investment Returns Matter

Kingdom Advisor Explained

Current Income Tax Strategy

Before You Cancel Life Policy

Raising Money Wise Child Car Purchase

Investment Spectrum Chart

You can be empowered to your values when you invest.  Focus on the good and eliminate the bad actors is smart and prudent investing. Let's have a conversation and talk about what are some possible next steps for you and the money entrusted to you.

Positive and Negative Screening

One of the best write up's on faith-based positive screening was done by Eventide Investments. "Faith-based investing looks at the stakeholders or constituencies of the businesses under consideration: Customers, Employees, Community, Society at Large, Environment, and Supply Chain."

Companies that encourage human flourishing while delivering excellent products and services as well as excellent business practices.

Negative screening main thing states "Do no harm."  This is not a main goal as positive side of screening creates values beyond the bottomline financials.

Here are some examples of faith-based negative screening: Abortion, Adult Entertainment, Defense & Weapons, Predatory Lending, Stem Cells, Animal Cruelty, Tobacco, Gambling and Discrimination.

Interesting to watch recent videos on "Go WOKE Go BROKE".  Those that go against traditional family values and anti family values and anti patriotic companies and how there are getting push back and getting hurt in the pocketbook.  If you wanted to screen for anti-family values it is possible to avoid investing into these types of companies.

What is Christian Financial Advice?

Sharing here from Kingdom Advisors 2019 study group materials and Jeff Cave presentation.

Distinctives are based on two foundational principles:

1) God owns it all.

2) Money is a tool.

Differentiators in God's Economy Verses Man's Economy

In God's economy,

you give to get.

you die to live.

you pay for something first and get the benefit later.

In man's economy,

money is a end in itself.

self-worth equals net worth.

Money is an entry point to the heart. An eternal perspective of money leads to the "why" before the "how."

Fruit of Biblical Financial Advice

Faith replaces fear.

Contentment replaces greed.

Unity replaces conflict.

Generosity replaces materialism.

Freedom replaces bondage.

Money becomes a tool.

Investments honor the Lord.