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Attended A Friend's Funeral This Week

January 08, 2021

Michael was full of life and lived well for 64 years on earth. His funeral or memorial was a real tribute to his impact and the wisdom he shared with family and friends. About 15 years ago our children played together and we invested some time into each others lives for a short time as we have mutual friends. I remember foundly his humor and laughs and deep beautiful voice. The service was beautiful and thinking a lot about his wife and three boys now with a void he left.

Question: What do you want your life story to reflect? What story are you writing in the decisions you are making today? Is there something or someone you need to talk with now to make things better? Have you prepared for the absolute certainty of death each us must face? Do you have your financial house in order for those you leave behind? If not why not? Say it out loud and listen to yourself. Do you have your legal house in order? Will, Healthcare Directives, Power of Attorney, Living Will and are they up to date? If not then why not? Again say it out loud and listen to yourself.

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