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Scott Thomas, ChFC®, CAP®, CKA®, RICP®

The Difference Between a Worldly and Biblical View of Investment

Jesus talked a lot about abundance and yet we tend to think in scarcity, so how do we change our mindset from a worldly mindset of scarcity to a biblical mindset of abundance? Let's start by talking about investment perspectives. There's a worldly view of perspective of getting rich quick and it's a short horizon.  We're told that we don't have much time, and time is an enemy so you've got to act today.  But market timing rarely ever work.  What I mean by market timing is this; let's say the market just dropped, we think it dropped where it's going to bottom out and now you need to buy it.  They rarely know when to tell you when to sell it.  We need to be wise about it. Are you managing your money in ways that improves your life?  That's an important question.  Let's talk about how to through diversifying strategically. 

Solomon said to divide your money by seven or eight.  He had mining, shipping, timber, cattle, gardens and lots of other different things. He divided his money up - that's diversification strategically.  Different mutual funds are all equities, so that's not real diversification.  There needs to be a lot more thought about that.  We know that cycles are inevitable and are going to happen, so it's important to look at past performance and viewing that in light of today.  If you would like to have a discussion of how to strategically diversify you call call or email, 407-644-9411 or

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck