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Scott Thomas, ChFC®, CAP®, CKA®, RICP®

Two Hero's In Philanthropy Narrative

Two Hero’s In Philanthropy Narrative

Scott Thomas, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy

There are two heroes in the story of philanthropy and all the other roles support the two heroes.  First hero is the “person or cause being served. “   The second hero is the funder also known as donor and or volunteer.

Nonprofit is a pass through entity for funding and facilitating the services the persons or cause being served.  The NPO should think of themselves as support team for two heroes. The funder or donor has a need to feel love by giving and participating in the impact of results.  Making a difference in the world.  Donors know they need the nonprofit ability to connect and meet the needs and if a nonprofit is not meeting the needs the donor senses it and moves on to another nonprofit.

Donor/funder/volunteers love to see the impacts made by being involved and feeling the story matters to all involved.  Inspiring stories of love that conquer the challenges and overcome obstacles is core to human beings. I was asked are there any Super Hero’s? Yes, the person being served improves their life and gives back to others becomes a super hero.

As a philanthropic advisor I help donor/funders and the nonprofits understand the complex rules of non-cash giving.  I like to think of myself as a philanthropic Sherpa or guide.  When is it in the best interest of the funder to utilize a split interest gift and which type or vendor is most suited for the situation. What tax impacts will a major gift make and can it be optimized and paired up to other financial strategies? I am not a hero and I am perfectly fine with it this way.  Many times I see how the important work I have prepared for decades helps leverage 15-35% more money than if donor simply gave cash contributions. You can reach me at

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